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Baby Clothing Q&A

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1. How to keep old baby clothing:

Q: How can I safely keep old baby clothing, without them getting smelly and moldy?

A: First you should make sure they are completely dry before putting in storage. Then get some of those space saver bags, where you vacuum seal them. Then store in a cedar chest or hope chest of some sort that is lined in cedar. Cedar is a natural insect repellant and will keep the bugs away; or you can wrap the clothes in acid free tissue paper, you can find this in most chemists, Make sure that when you do store them , store them some where that has plenty ventilation, otherwise they become musty and quickly decay.

2. How to dry new baby clothes without the colors bleeding?

A: Clothes today are made better than they used to. They will not bleed during the WASH cycle. Wash baby’s clothes separately from the rest of the family’s and make sure to use a soap made for baby clothes. Just in case there is any bleeding of the colors, transfer the clothes out of the washer to the dryer promptly.

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3. How many baby clothes may I need to take with me on a holiday for 6 to 7 month?

A: Always remember to take plenty of the essential items like vests, bibs and baby grows. Those are the things that you use the most of. 6-7 months is pretty much a move, not a holiday. Take what you can fit for him in one suitcase and figure out the rest when you get there. Take mostly 6 month (which he’ll probably be wearing when you go) and 9 month. Since he’ll have outgrown the 6 month stuff by the time you’re coming home, then you can leave those behind and bring back the bigger clothes that you’ve gotten while you were there.

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4. What is the best way to get out stains off of colored baby clothes?

A: When washing baby clothes you should really ONLY be using Dreft detergent in the wash. But you would soak them in cold water first, and apply Dreft brand stain stick, then wash in Dreft brand detergent….it really is a big deal, other detergents have chemicals that are way too harsh for baby.

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5. Why are there pink stains on my baby clothes when they come out of the washer?

A. My only idea would be to put the machine on with nothing in it (not clothes or powders or liquids). Use the hottest cycle you have. It will clean out the machine in case it’s something like a build of washing stuff. Also double check that the clothes don’t have the pink stains on before they go into the wash…

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